Get All That You Need to Know About Anal Bleaching Procedure

Get All That You Need to Know About Anal Bleaching Procedure

What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching practice is a recent cosmetic trend that tends to lighten the area around the anus. It started some years ago and had been practiced by many celebrities. While Anal bleaching was started and performed only in salons, it is now available in DIY anal lightening kits. Essentially, these anal bleaching kits enable those that want a lighter or whiter anal area to perform this procedure in the privacy and comfort of their home.

Is It Safe?

fafas5asfgasasasThis is a good question to ask before you get into the process. The safety of any procedure associated with sensitive areas of our body is questionable. Similarly, the process of getting a bleached anus has been debated for quite some time. In many countries, it has been banned altogether due to the impending dangers and side effects of certain products used to achieve anal bleaching.

If the procedure that you opt for is recommended by a certified doctor, getting a bleached or whitened anus is very safe. You must also take necessary precautions as recommended by your doctor. When you use a product that does not consist of any allergens or harmful chemicals, there will be no risks associated with anal bleaching.

The Methods of Anal Bleaching

The most common method for bleaching anus is the application of anal bleaching creams and gels that are available in the market. These creams must be prescribed by a dermatologist or a doctor. With a continuous application, these creams cause the skin darkening to fade away.

There are instant solutions to the procedure as well. Cryosurgery and laser treatment have been applied even to this cosmetic procedure. There are recommended only for those who are not willing to take the time to get a bleached anus. The safety of these methods is often questioned, however.

Who Does it?

fagfsasasagfsasaThere are specific salons that offer this treatment. Make sure you choose a good product that won’t irritate your skin and buy from a trustworthy supplier. Like all skin care products, not all anal lightening treatments are created equal. You should research the bleaching products thoroughly before you buy to make sure you’re buying cream with quality ingredients. Also, follow all directions and call the customer service help to answer any questions that you may have.

If you need to be a bit prettier with your body and have you the money, you can get the bleaching supplies to do the procedure at your home! If you’d rather go to a salon, make sure they have some form of certification. Anyone can apply anal bleach, but not everyone knows how to do it safe and effectively. Check out Want to Anal Bleach? The Asshole Bleaching Guide 2016 for more info.

Side Effects Of Condoms To Women

Side Effects Of Condoms To Women

Using condoms is an excellent way to prevent sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Many condoms are made from Latex although a few are prepared from animal skin. While these condoms are offering many benefits including safe protection, convenient and easy to acquire, their side effects cannot be disregarded. This article focuses on side effects of condoms for female. Read on to learn more, and be prepared to handle any complication.

Side effects of condoms in female

Side Effects Of Condoms For Female

1. Risk of pregnancy

It is important to understand that using a condom does not guarantee a 100% free from the risk of pregnancy. Research shows that when condoms are used appropriately, they can reduce the risk of pregnancy by about 98%. The study further shows that, if they are used incorrectly, about fifteen out of every hundred women get pregnant. These risks can be reduced by checking the expiry date of condoms and using them appropriately. Avoid using old condoms. They can become fragile during the sexual act, exposing the user to the risk of getting pregnancy.

Additionally, oils such as cooking oil and petroleum jelly can react with latex condoms, weakening them thus leading to their rupture.

2. Allergy

Research also shows that some women are allergic to certain substances that are contained in latex condoms. For instance, some women are allergic to a protein contained in latex condoms. The protein may induce symptoms such as sneezing, dizziness, runny nose, wheezing, itching and lightheaded feeling. These symptoms may also appear in men. Other women and men may also be allergic to materials such as spermicides, scents other chemicals in condoms.

Other side effects may include anaphylaxis which may be life-threatening in some cases. Research shows these allergies may occur in about two people in every a hundred. Experts recommend that people who are allergic to rubber latex condoms should use synthetic ones.

3. Use of condoms is irritating to women

Side Effects Of Condoms For FemaleWhile female condoms are easy to use, some women can find them irritating to insert in their vaginas. Others even find it stressful and troublesome during sexual intercourse. Even so, with practice and experience, such concerns can be addressed. Female and male condoms should be used correctly and consistently to be helpful.

In most cases, there are no serious side effects of condoms for female, although some are allergic to latex condoms. Even so, it is possible to get condoms that are less likely to lead to an allergic reaction. Condom splits can be reduced by using any lubricant such as Vaseline and body lotion except for latex condoms. Lubricants will damage the condom, making it likely to tear.

Dietary Health Benefits Of Vitamin C To The Body

Dietary Health Benefits Of Vitamin C To The Body

Vitamins are considered essential to the human body with one of the most important being vitamin C. also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is water soluble which basically means it cannot be manufactured in the human body and as such, has to be supplemented through diets. So- how does vitamin c help your body?

Overview of Vitamin C benefits to human beings.

Benefits Of Vitamin C (3)

  • Prevention of scurvy

This is perhaps one of the most notable benefits associated with this nutrient. Scurvy can be described as a medical condition brought about by the insufficient intake of vitamin C. Symptoms associated with scurvy include weakening of blood vessels, connective tissues and bones. These symptoms are usually accompanied by a general feeling of being unwell and low body energy. As such, it is usually a good idea to incorporate sources of Vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables so as to be able to avert this

  • Alleviates common cold

As a norm, this nutrient has the capacity to enhance the body’s immune system and by doing so, helps the body fight off common cold. It usually does this by enhancing the body’s ability to absorb iron giving the body strength to fight off infections due to bacterial infections and even viruses

  • Better cardiovascular health

Hypertension is considered as the major culprit when it comes to cardiovascular diseases. So how does vitamin C help bring about better cardiovascular health? Well, this nutrient has the capacity to lower the body’s blood pressure bringing about less risk of developing cardiovascular diseases due to hypertension

  • Prevents formation of cataracts

Benefits Of Vitamin C (2)In the medical world, cataracts are the most common type of eye disorder. According to research, a decrease in Vitamin C levels in the human eye lens has been found to be one of the leading causes of cataracts in a large percentage of the population. By increasing the intake of vitamin C, an individual is virtually increasing blood circulation to ocular parts of the body such as the eyes: minimising chances of cataracts forming

  • Helps in healing wounds

This is another notable benefit associated with this nutrient. Vitamin C has the capacity to bring about faster healing of wounds. How is it able to achieve this? As mentioned earlier, this vitamin facilitates the faster growth of connective tissues and bones. Most wounds are usually flesh wounds and as such, increasing your intake of this vital nutrient when injured will guarantee you faster healing

Considering the above overview – how does vitamin c help your body; it would be in your best interest to ensure you incorporate plenty of foods with Vitamin C within your diet